Models of Pride Livestream


This year LGBTQ students and their allies can be part of Models of Pride through our event Live Stream. We will stream a full day of activities and trainings to anyone interested in being part of our Los Angeles conference.

Create your own viewing event and be part of

  • Opening awards and plenary session

  • A full training track, including

    • Queer Time Travel with Arnold Pomerantz

      arnoldp250px.jpgHear the words and the music of Harlem and the blues, which your gay ancestors danced and lived by. Get to know LGBTQ heroes and heroines whose shoulders you stand on, who allowed you the freedom to be out, proud and free. Follow events that led up to Stonewall from the jazz age 20's, depression, WWII, the 50's, Rock and Roll, Sex, drugs and the pill.    

    • Building Allies Together with Kyle Sawyer

      presenter300px.jpgThe Ally Workshop is an experiential workshop working with participants to educate and empower folks to be active allies to the trans* community.  The goal of each workshop is to give participants a base knowledge of terminology and identities as well as a solid understanding of trans* ally behavior.  Workshops consist of multiple exercises, which work through the experiential cycle incorporating time and space for questions, concerns, confusions, and facilitator story telling.

    • Educational Justice for LGBTQ Youth

      gsasocal2014300px.jpgSay “No” to school pushout and “Yes” to safe schools!  LGBTQ youth, youth of color, and youth with disabilities are being pushed out of school and into prison.  In this interactive, youth-led workshop, you will learn about the school-to-prison pipeline, educational injustices, new laws and how LGBTQ youth can fight back.

  • Closing entertainment featuring Natalia Sanchez-Loya, Blu Noise, Alex Newell and Michael Willett.




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